School Tracking and Reporting Software

Following input from teachers, Compubits developed three easy-to-use web-based, school reporting programs which increase efficiency, display read-at-a-glance performance charts and seamlessly incorporate the comments of parents and pupils into the reporting process.

All SRS products are intuitive, flexible and make life significantly easier for teachers by reducing their administrative load, whilst providing school heads and governors with extensive management and performance information on the progress of their pupils, classes, year groups and school.

By improving the quality of management information, SRS products help teachers improve the quality of education.

Please follow the links on the left to the free online demo of SRS: Primary if you would like to try SRS for yourself.

Key Features SRS : Foundation for EYFS students SRS : Primary for Key Stage 1 & 2 students SRS : Secondary for Key Stage 3 & 4 students
24/7 Internet Access      
Fully supported by Compubits      
Performance Tracking      
Assessment Analysis      
Performance Management Reports      
School-Customisable Annual Reports      
Customisable to national curriculum      
Customisable for ‘extra’ lessons by school      
Attendance (Registration, Reports, Notice to Parents)      
Classroom Management      
Teacher-Subject Association      
Teacher-Room Management      
Student-Subject Association      
School Events Management      
Teacher's Appointment Calendar      
Introduction to SRS