Understanding VoIP from Compubits

Voice over IP (VoIP) lets people make telephone calls via the internet. VoIP converts the voice signal from an ordinary telephone into a digital signal, which travels over the internet, and then converts it back. With our VoIP service customers can make and receive calls UK and worldwide through the internet.

  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Get started quickly, with little or no capital outlay
  • Enable teleworking and home offices
  • Engage new technologies such as voicemail to email , fax to email and follow me technology
  • Be truly mobile

What VoIP can do for your business

Many businesses are aware of the direct cost saving potential of VoIP services. What is often less obvious is how Voice over IP can really open up possibilities for companies to trade in new and innovative ways.

As a business only VoIP provider, we focus on the areas where our service can support your business.

Making your business more flexible

In order to succeed, it’s crucial for businesses to react quickly to changing market conditions and growth. With our services, your business can be mobile, with offices in any location, and can grow or streamline at the touch of a button.

Geographic independence

With a Compubits VoIP service, you can extend your phone system to any office anywhere in the country, or even the world. All your office needs is an Internet connection.

You needn’t limit yourself to a single location either, you can connect as many locations together as you want on your account at no extra charge – enabling home-working and even to virtualise your organisation.

Using Hunt groups, you can deliver your calls to multiple locations at once, ensuring your calls get answered.

And of course, you don’t have to worry about the expense and difficulty organisations find themselves in when they have to move a fixed line.

Take calls on the move

You can set up any Compubits telephone number to forward calls to your mobile whilst you’re out and about; or if you really want to take advantage of the flexibility we can deliver, you might want to consider using our Multi route service to ring your VoIP desk phone and Mobile at the same time for every call – and then pick up the call on whatever device suits you.

Record your calls

Using Compubits Call Recording your business can become more flexible by having an easily searchable online archive of call recordings within your account, stored for up to six years. Recordings are limitless and are accessible regardless of where you are providing you have an Internet connection, and can give you peace of mind that if you missed an important piece of information from a phone call you can always go back and listen to it again. This is an optional add-on feature.

Route your calls

Using Call Director (IVR) enables you to route your calls through interactive voice menus so external customer queries can easily be connected to the correct department, saving you the time and effort of transferring calls manually. This is an optional add-on feature.

Technology independent

With no premise equipment to install and no fixed line costs, you don’t need to worry about investing in and maintaining any expensive hardware. You don’t need to worry about upgrades, security patches or resilience & fault tolerance.

All you need to run your Compubits service is an Internet connection and a VoIP telephone. We take care of the rest and maintain a resilient, fault tolerant and class leading VoIP platform for you Reducing Your Operating Costs

It’s not all about calls costs – our service can bring some tangible returns on indirect costs.

Call costs & fixed line service costs

The most obvious, although not perhaps the most significant saving with the Compubits business VoIP service is the saving you’ll make on call costs. You should expect to achieve savings of up to 50% when measured against traditional fixed line providers or up to 25% when measured against other online providers, such as Skype™.

When making a comparison, be sure to factor in any fixed line service costs. Fixed line service providers often charge customers to gain access to preferential pricing and of course there is no line rental fees with a Compubits VoIP service.

Cost of maintaining premise equipment

If you have your own premise equipment, such as a PBX or phone system, then you should consider the costs for purchasing this as well as supporting and upgrading it as the years go by.

With a Compubits business VoIP account, you don’t need to install any equipment locally, other than an Internet connection and a VoIP phone. Installation is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Moving or expanding?

If you want to move your office, or expand your business with a fixed line, the costs are often significant and the process of moving or porting numbers and installing new lines can take months in most cases. This becomes even more significant if you also manage your own premise equipment.

With the Compubits business VoIP solution, you can add new locations and new phones with a simple account upgrade, often with no additional charge. Account changes take minutes, and you can have new staff and/or locations up and running within 24 business hours.

Indirect costs

We wouldn’t have presented the whole picture without making reference to how Voice over IP can transform the way you do business – leading to a lower cost base / increased revenues:

  • Never miss a call with services like Multi Route, Call transfer and Call forwarding
  • Present your company professionally with Music on hold, Line display name, Music whilst ringing, Messaging whilst routing, Whisper and Time of Day routing

Presenting a professional image

In many cases, the first contact your customer has with your business will be over the telephone. In some businesses, this may be the only point of contact.

Compubits can help you present your business in the most professional manner, regardless of the size or structure of your organisation.

Creating a positive and lasting first impression

We’d recommend that you use our Messaging while routing feature to play an introductory message to your callers; this sets up the right expectation and will reassure your customer that they’ve called the right number.

You may also want to consider using the Music whilst ringing routing feature, depending on how long you think you might want your callers to hold.

Getting the call to the right place

If you have multiple numbers for individual marketing campaigns or perhaps even separate businesses, then making sure you answer the call with the right introduction is paramount.

You can manage multiple phone lines or identities for multiple companies or campaigns, on one or many devices.

With our Line display name feature, you can see the line the call arrived on with any VoIP phone. If you’re forwarding your number to a mobile device or landline, then our Whisper feature will do the same thing for you.

You may want to forward your number to your mobile, or perhaps even forward your number to multiple places using our Multi route feature. If you’re forwarding to a mobile, your caller won’t know – and we can even avoid the call being answered by your mobile voicemail using Call delivery assurance.

Another feature we offer is Call Director, most commonly referred to as IVR, whereby you are asked to “Press one for Sales”, “Press two for Customer Service” and so on. This feature enhances your business professionalism and can reduce the amount of time spent transferring calls between different departments. This is an optional add-on feature.

View all our features at a glance

One of the features that’s often missed by other business VoIP providers is the ability to have an alternative routing plan in place when your business is closed.

With Compubits out of hours routing, you can define a special routing plan that executes when your business is closed.

You specify the routing you want, and enter your normal operating hours and our system does the rest for you.

Typically, customers will play a message to their caller, letting them know that they are closed and what their opening hours are. You aren’t restricted in this routing though, and many customers route to an on call support number or other destination.

Our out of hours routing wizard also has all of the public holidays as published by the DTI already programmed in.

We also include holiday zones (England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) to account for differences in public holidays.

  • Time of day routing
  • Call delivery assurance
  • Music whilst ringing
  • Line display name
  • Messaging while routing
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Music on hold
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • 3 Way calling
  • Hunt groups
  • Multi route
  • Voicemail
  • Dial by URL
  • Call Recording
  • Call Director
  • Whisper

Business VoIP packages

Single user VoIPMulti user VoIPFax to email servicesTransfer my existing number
Suitable for start-up companies, existing sole traders, or companies seeking a single number for diversionSuitable for established companies, or start-up companies with more than one employee Enterprise options also availableGet a fax to email number with us and you can send and receive faxes using emailYou may be able to transfer your existing telephone or fax number(s) to us.
Depending on your current provider
£5 per monthFrom £10 per month£5 per month£5 per month

Multi User Business VoIP

Our multi user business VoIP package is most typically used by established businesses or Ltd. company start-ups with more than one employee.

With the basic multi VoIP packages, we provide you with a single telephone number in the UK area code of your choice and the facility to connect an Internet phone for each of your employees to the service.

Usually, our customers configure their telephone number on a multi user Business VoIP package to ring all of the VoIP phones on their account.

With the multi user VoIP packages, we also offer blocks of telephone numbers as an optional upgrade. So, rather than just a single number for everyone, we provide you with a continuous block of numbers in your chosen area code.

Compubits Gems

Compubits are proud to offer our customers services in addition to our standard features list. Our additional services are available as an option for users of our Business VoIP package. These services are chargeable, allowing us to keep our Standard Pricing low.

We feel our add-on services represent great value for our customers, so we like to think of them as our ‘Gems’.

Virtual Receptionist

Don’t rely on people leaving a voice mail message when you’re too busy to answer a call, choose Virtual Receptionist, our service for people who are looking for a professional call answering platform. Sign up to our package, and rest assured that you’ll never miss an important call again.

Call Recording

Enjoy easy access to your Call Recordings via our online fully-searchable database. Choose as many or as few lines to record on our secure, reliable platform. Whether you’re looking to improve training, to evaluate staff performance, or if you’d just like a record of your calls for peace of mind, our Call Recording package offers an affordable option. With either 1 year retention or a 6 year retention package, our option meets most business needs.

Call Director (IVR)

For Sales Please Press One…. For Support Please Press Two….

Call Director is our professional IVR service. For a low monthly fee, users are able to add IVR which covers the entirety of their account. Our monthly fee includes access to our library of professionally recorded voice prompts, and also the ability for users to record their own sound files. At an additional charge, we are able to record personalised prompts in the same voice as the standard menu, allowing users to develop their own menu seamlessly.

Transfer your number

If you like the service we provide and you would like to bring your existing numbers with you, then we can assist you in porting your numbers from your existing provider.

Porting a number is the process of moving it from one provider to another. We can port numbers from most UK providers to Compubits.

At present, porting a number will typically take around 2 weeks to complete, but this can be quicker or slower depending on a number of factors.

If you’d like to port your number to our service, drop us an email or give us a call and we can explain the process in more detail.

Working with Compubits

If you like the service we are offering, then Compubits can help you select the correct package and then help with the transition and setup of the your VOIP and thereafter the billing will be directly with Compubits. We guarantee you are no worse off in terms of charges by ordering with Compubits, but you benefit from our expertise and support at the initial stage.

For information call our sales team on 020889335555 or email your enquiry to sales@compubits.com.