Data Transfer

The transfer of data to a new PC or laptop is a tedious job, when nothing should go wrong. We take this hassle away and will be happy to transmit large amounts of data (Up to 1 Tb).

  • We transfer all data (Up to 1 Tb) from your old Windows device to the new Windows device
  • We transfer all your own files (E.g. photos, videos, music)

A perfect service from Compubits

Buying a new PC, laptop or notebook provides many owners a technical challenge: How to transfer existing data files, such as music, documents, images and movies, so that they are directly and completely on the new PC or laptop. The manual copying of data is very time consuming and tedious. The ways to transfer data from a legacy to a new unit, are numerous and can be confusing: From a Local Area Network, via USB disk, external hard drive or from the cloud. Therefore, to play it safe – leave the file transfer to a technology expert.

Transfer files from the old to the new – With the service of Compubits

Our Compubits technicians ensure complete data transfer of your data up to a size of 1 Tb from your old Windows device on to your new Windows device. Our professional data transfer service guarantees that all selected folders, files, configured user profiles, internet favorites and system settings are transmitted unaltered and complete on your new computer or laptop and can be used immediately.

Whether in our service workshop, at your home or by phone: We fix the problem quickly and easily for you.