E-mail Setup

Send E-mails to your friends or work colleagues directly from your laptop or PC. We set you up with an E-mail account and take care of the connection (Internet connection or mobile service provider required).

  • We setup, up to three existing E-mail accounts on the device of your choice
  • As required we install an E-mail program
  • We connect the equipped device with your E-mail provider
  • We give a short instruction about the functionality of the E-mail program
  • On request, we setup a new email account using a provider of your choice for an extra fee

A perfect service from Compubits

You want to retrieve your private or business E-mails directly from your laptop or PC and be able to respond? E-mail setup requires technical expertise. So that the E-mail programs are able to receive your E-mails and save them on your computer, they are downloaded by either using the POP3 protocol, or access to the IMAP protocol on the server of the E-mail provider. This allows you to send and receive E-mails, you will need to ask your E-mail provider for the SMTP protocol, and possibly even a port number. The different server’s data vary from provider to provider and must be correctly stored when setting up the E-mail account, so that you can use all functions.

We will help you with the setup, manage and give you brief advice on the use of your E-mail account and if applicable inform you of managing multiple E-mail addresses.

Professional E-mail setup from Compubits

We setup, up to three existing E-mail accounts on one device of your choice and connect it to your internet E-mail provider. We will make any necessary changes to connect to the correct server data defining your sender name, create your personal E-mail signature, authenticate as a user and assign to an E-mail program. On request, for an additional charge, we can setup a new E-mail account with an E-mail provider of your choice.

Whether in our service workshop, at your home or by phone: We fix the problem quickly and easily for you.