System Transfer

Are you too tired or unable to transfer your programs, data and Windows settings to your new PC or laptop? We can do it for you. We transfer your data from your old computer to your new one.

  • We transfer all programs from your old computer to the new one (Compatibility of the software is assumed)
  • We transfer all your own data (Up to 1 Terabyte (1Tb))
  • We provide a report about which data has been transferred
  • We only do this service from the operating system Windows to Windows

A perfect service from Compubits

If you need to replace your old PC or laptop with a new one, you may want to transfer all your data, applications and pre-configured settings from your old machine to your new Windows operating system. This is so you can work on your new computer as usual, play or surf the internet and find all your own personal files such as photos, documents, folders and images in what would seem like their original location.

Transfer system files: Professional service from Compubits

We ensure the optimum and complete transfer of all relevant system files, applications, and Windows settings. Our Compubits technicians transfer the Windows system files and your personal files such as documents, folders, pictures or music up to a size of 1 Tb. Finally, we provide a detailed report with an overview of the transferred data and settings. We only provide this service for Windows to Windows operating systems.

Whether in our service workshop, at your home or by phone: We fix the problem quickly and easily for you.