Installation of a new Motherboard

The motherboard is the heart of your system. And for heart surgery you would rather go to the specialists. We install a new motherboard and give your PC or laptop a new life.

  • We check the system for a suitable replacement motherboard
  • We clarify whether additional hardware is needed and which one (E.g. processor, memory)
  • We give advice about upgrade alternatives in advance of the assembly
  • We install the new motherboard
  • We install all necessary drivers and updates (Excl. Operating system)
  • We check whether everything is running as it should

A perfect service from Compubits

The motherboard is the main circuit board of any PC or laptop. With this all important hardware, components such as the graphic card or the memory are reliant on a properly functioning motherboard. The motherboard is therefore the central and most important part of your computer system. In case of defect the replacement of the motherboard should only be carried out by technical experts. The same applies to an upgrade of the processor – in this case, the motherboard must almost always be replaced.

You want to upgrade your motherboard? Compubits has the right solutions

We will check your computer system for compatible motherboards, analyse the number of available slots and clarify whether any computer hardware is also required (E.g. a processor or memory). We will give you advice before any installation of any additional computer components and upgrade options and then install the new motherboard professionally into your PC. Following the motherboard installation, we install all the necessary drivers and make any necessary updates. Finally, our engineers test the functionality of the replaced motherboard and your entire computer.

Whether in our service workshop, at your home or by phone: We fix the problem quickly and easily for you.