CCTV and Access Control CCTV-schools

Compubits design and install bespoke security solutions and school CCTV systems. The introduction of a professional CCTV system into your school will produce a number of major benefits to your educational environment. Whilst the introduction of any surveillance systems into an environment with children can be quite an emotive subject, those schools that have CCTV state that the benefits far out-way any initial negative feelings that they might have had.

Improved educational attainment – many head teachers have found that the introduction of CCTV into their school has led to a measurable improvement in students’ concentration and productivity resulting in significant improvements in educational attainment.

Increased deterrent – CCTV systems are a great deterrent. Schools using CCTV state that after installation, incidents of poor and antisocial behaviour drop dramatically.

Increased detection – if your school is unfortunate enough to be a target of crime, vandalism or antisocial behaviour, there will be a strong chance of detection (and conviction if appropriate).

Increased staff professionalism – CCTV should not be feared by teachers as it is an excellent training tool.  Reviewing footage of a lesson can allow teachers to look at their performance more objectively and consider ways of improving their lessons.  Many teachers have stated that they have learnt a great deal from reviewing their own performance and that it can be very useful to ask other teachers how they would have handled a particular classroom situation.

Staff protection – CCTV is perfect for preventing assaults and false claims of misconduct.  It can also be a very important tool when liaising with parents about the behaviour of their children.

Reduced student fear – knowing you are well protected gives a feeling of security to students and teachers alike and can be VERY effective in helping to eliminate bullying etc. Whilst students are often initially against the idea of the introduction of CCTV, they soon forget the cameras are there, and realise that the CCTV system is only relevant if their behaviour becomes unacceptable.

Compubits will carry out a full survey and inspection of your school or college and advise you on the number of cameras to fully secure your premises. Systems are fully installed and commissioned by our qualified engineers ensuring a smooth and trouble free installation with no or minimal disruption to your daily schedule.

Once our team of engineers have completed the installation they will give you full training on how the system operates, how to survey a combination of one, two or all of the cameras simultaneously and how to play back incidents.

Call us today for a free survey and see how CCTV systems can protect your school.