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Compubits provides large and small scale school software solutions for Primary and Secondary Schools, Academies, Sixth-form Colleges and Free Schools. Our software licensing services include some of the brands below:

Microsoft Education Licensing Solution is designed to ensure licensing Microsoft software is easier, assuring coverage for all your school’s equipment, under a single agreement which is simple, manageable and flexible. As Microsoft Authorised Education Resellers, we can arrange for Microsoft School Agreement or Microsoft OVS-ES Agreement will entitle your school to:

  • Free upgrades –the school will receive free upgrades to each new version of the software as they become available
  • Free installation on any computers and devices – the school can save money when purchasing hardware with free installation of software on any new or upgrading old PC’s and laptop
  • Predictable Software costs – Volume base pricing and predictable annual payments and contracts from 12 months to 3 years allow you to allocate budgets more effectively. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of counting Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff just once per year (contact us for a simple aid to work this out for your school).
  • Home use – Working is more mobile than ever before. With home use rights your staff can work with up to date tools they need to perform their job well.
  • Mobile licensing with Office 365 – providing free email, calendars, document sharing, instant messaging, video chat, and mobile email.

Additionally, where less frequent upgrades are likely, such as for a server, there are still discounted perpetual licences which could be utilised instead – you pay a one-off fee and receive a licence to use a specific version of software “forever”; although end of product support normally restricts this in practice to at least ten years.

Other Software options:

SMART Learning Suite provided as standard with all SMART displays and supported for 1 year by SMART plus, can be purchased separately for use with other screens. The learning suite includes the Smart Notebook, Smart Amp and Smart lesson activity builder. Key features are:

Software for any hardware – Student devices, interactive whiteboards, interactive displays, Chromebooks, BYOD plans…it’s all the same to SMART Learning Suite. It’s the hub of your connected classroom.

The flexibility you need to succeed Front of the room instruction, student-led learning, project based learning and flipped classroom initiatives are all enhanced by SMART Learning Suite. Any grade level, any subject.

Easy to use – Easy to adopt. Educators can easily and quickly create dynamic, interactive, fun and engaging content. In less than five minutes, lessons that will wow students are ready. Additionally, access to ongoing support is there every step of the way.

Ready for the future – As a leading education technology company, SMART works closely with educators and thought-leaders in the field to ensure each new release addresses the needs of educators, for today and the future.

Adobe Creative Cloud is available at a discount for students and teachers. Choose between these plans depending on your needs:

  • The Complete plan for students and teachers gives you the latest versions of every Adobe creative tool — including Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC — plus seamless ways to share and collaborate.
  • The Photography plan includes Photoshop CC and Lightroom for all your image editing and photo-based projects.
  • Acrobat Pro is increasingly utilised for security and large document amalgamation, form design and e-signatures with a bundled document cloud for collaboration.

Both plans require an annual commitment, but you can choose to pay by the month or prepay for the full year with either plan but offer up to 65% saving over normal retail prices.

Sophos Encryption – As the amount of data that organisations have to process and manage continues to increase so do the risks of data leakage, loss or theft from sophisticated cyber-attacks or human error. In light of these risks to personal or sensitive data, recent EU Data Protection Regulation requires organisations to adopt even greater security and data protection measures.


Safeguard Encryption

Complete data protection across multiple devices and platforms, securing your data without slowing you down.

Key Features


  • Protect your data with proven full-disk encryption technology
  • Easily deploy and manage encryption within your endpoint console
  • Setup policies to encrypt email containing sensitive data before it leaves your organisation

Data Control

  • Prevent accidental loss of sensitive data with integrated DLP in the endpoint and email gateway
  • Stop data leaking through removable storage devices, browsers, email and instant messaging
  • Utilise hundreds of pre-packaged data definitions to set up effective policies out of the box

Mobile Device Management

  • Enable secure access to corporate email and data from smartphones and tablets
  • Control policy on Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows devices
  • Prevent data loss on mobile devices with policies for auto locking and strong passcodes

Nuance Why settle second best when you can use Nuance’s Dragon Speaking naturally for Special Needs pupils to convert voice into text, or their OmniPage for OCR conversion of text to audio. Contact for this and many other options to improve the classroom experience for Special Needs students in particular.

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