Server Support

Depending on your schools individual needs, your school may have a curriculum server, which would bring many benefits to a school such as:-

  • Centralised file storage – pupils and staff can log onto any machine and gain access to the same files store safely and centrally from within school and remotely from home.
  • Automation – many administration tasks can be done centrally and more efficiently, such as software installations, making printers available to machines, and managing passwords centrally. This means that technician time can be used more efficiently, ultimately giving your school best value for money.
  • Empowering your school – creating user accounts and managing existing users on your schools network can now be done with ease, meaning you don’t always have to wait for your next visit.These are just some of the benefits, if you don’t already have a curriculum server in school, we would be happy to come and discuss these with you and meet your individual needs.

Buying into our server support service will give you the following benefits – this is a proactive service in which we will:

  • Monitor critical hardware and software components 24/7
  • Perform user administration of the network
  • Manage and implement system and antivirus updates.
  • Monitor the status of your daily backups and perform restores where needed.
  • Perform an annual proactive health check of your system.

Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Simply securing your data

Safeguarding your school’s data can be so simple if an effective backup and quick restoration process is in place.  Protecting you from the frustrations and subsequent costs of losing data or your operations grinding to a halt, is important to us.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution ensures your data is protected and secure with services ranging from a simple file/folder backup of your laptop files to complete application and server (virtual or physical) backup with off-site storage or synchronisation to USB storage devices.

Speak to our team so we can advise on the best mix of services to protect and secure your school’s data.  We offer three types of BDR solutions:

Cloud Backup Service

Great for cost-effective backup of individual files or folders on your Windows or Apple devices.

Backup is continuous and fully encrypted with dual copies of data stored securely in a UK datacentre. Because backup to a local server isn’t necessary this keeps costs down.  Files and folders can be recovered in minutes over the internet and if a full server recovery is required this takes only 48 hours.

BDR – Virtual

If you have virtualised your servers this backup option is the most efficient for a full backup with local storage and replication (dual copies) to an off-site data centre.  Retrieving data is quick, easy and very cost-effective, files and folders can be restored in minutes.

Backup of all data and applications is via a 15 minute snapshot, fully encrypted and monitored 24/7 by our server monitoring platform.  It is also possible to have an extra failsafe and reduction to operational interruption from server failure by opting for an off-site standby server; a failed off-site server in the data centre can be quickly started on demand.

BDR – Physical

This option is similar to the one above however, offers the perfect solution to backup, synchronise or replicate your data to an encrypted, removable USB storage device without the extra cost of storing at the data centre.  In fact, this is suitable whether you have physical or virtual servers giving the added option to backup locally and replicate data either to USB storage device or if required, at the data centre.

Again, 15 minute snapshots are taken and data can be retrieved in minutes from local USB storage.  Furthermore, stand-by servers can be added on or off-site as a further failsafe, if required.

Our backup services are flexible and can be adapted to your school’s needs – just give us a call. We can help to protect you against operational downtime.

Contact Compubits to discuss your requirements.