Business VoIP Telephony Systems

Boost productivity, enhance customer service and save money too!  

Traditional phone systems can end up squeezing every last penny from your budget. Not only do you have to pay for expensive equipment, but you also have to find a place to house that equipment in your office, and then train everyone on how to use the system. It ends up taking ages to get everyone up to speed, and the people who ring you in the meantime are the ones who suffer the most.

Unified Communication Solutions from Compubits will let your organisation enjoy the use of a modern phone service customised to your needs. Best of all, these solutions are available at an affordable price, and require far less training than a traditional phone setup.

Unified Communication Solutions will let your organisation:

  • Reduce costs – slash your telecommunication expenses while avoiding extra setup, installation and maintenance fees
  • Make calls more easily – ring people up using a smartphone, laptop, tablet or any other internet connected device
  • Never miss a call – your system will be monitored and maintained 24/7
  • Take calls on the go – have calls forwarded to a mobile phone if you’re out of the office
  • Enhance communication – with advanced telephony features like video conferencing and more with Unified Communications, your organisation can have unmatched, enterprise-level telephony at a fraction of the cost. Compubits can help you establish what will work best for your needs, and also provide installation and support to your school or business.

What is VoIP and IPT?

These stand for Voice over Internet Protocol and Internet Protocol Telephony and basically mean that you can integrate and access data, voice and video as part of your business telephone system, or on any device to empower your team members when and where-ever they are.

Is your current phone system holding you back?

Does it merely offer a dial tone, voice mail and a few line extensions?  We offer VoIP phone systems that combine the traditional functionality of an analogue phone with digital telephony.  Plus, a complete cloud-based phone system for anytime, anywhere access to the data you need. Whether you’re looking to set up a new office and save on infrastructure costs or upgrade your existing phone system, the business benefits are highly rewarding.

Why choose an IP Office?

Boost employee productivity – Seamlessly integrate your communications to empower and connect your staff when they need it. Manage daily admin confidently and securely with an easy PC interface.  Plus, built in conference calling, basic call centre, voice messaging and centralised voice mail included.

  • Improve Customer Service – Faster, smarter and more effective call handling
  • Flexible/Remote Office – Off-site including home workers have the same communication capabilities as office workers.  All you need is a IP phone or a smartphone App, internet connection and laptop computer.
  • Enhanced mobility – Keep mobile users connected with just one number.
  • Multimedia capability – Enable voice, video and mobility on virtually any device.
  • Elegant simplicity – Easy to use and manage, perfect for small businesses. Uses a Windows based systems manager and simplified drag and drop tools.
  • Scalable – Easy to scale up and manage as your business expands with up to 384 extensions on a single platform.
  • Designed for Small Businesses – Built from the ground up it supports both single locations and multisite networks (with 32 sites in a network).
  • Communications assurance – Easily record calls so no-one should ever miss important information from a meeting.

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