Business WiFi

For a fast, secure and reliable Wifi connection

A wireless network gives easy and instant network access.  However, to provide a multiple access point wireless network that gives reliable bandwidth over large areas requires a thorough site survey and design by a WiFi specialist.  If your experience is more like; “It’s too slow, only works for half of the office and drops out when the door is opened” then we can help boost your WiFi speed, reliability and coverage.

Compubits can design, install and support Wireless networks

For example, we can seamlessly integrate a wireless LAN into your existing network, including the installation of point to point wireless and wireless bridging to extend your network to another building where it is not possible to pull cables.

As a true wireless network specialist, we have a team dedicated to making this technology work transparently. We will survey, design, install and support the solution whatever the application.

The WiFi Test

We will conduct a comprehensive TamoGraph site survey to look at how well your WiFi is working for you. The survey will help us identify the best method to boost your wireless network to improve speed, reliability and coverage and also allow for potential expansion if required.


Hotel – First Floor – signal strength map (coverage map) measured in dMb

Signal strength is one of the most important factors that influence WLAN performance. Those areas in red with low signal will struggle to get a link between the access point (AP) and client devices.

Contact us today about our free site survey and your Wifi requirements.