Online Backup

Business Backups – Everyone’s got them… right?

Sometimes it’s to tape, sometimes it’s to a USB drive sometimes it’s to the cloud … But ask yourself:

  • Who’s checking your backups?
  • Is all your vital data being captured?
  • Has a restore been tested recently?
  • How long did it take?
  • Did your last backup work?
We protect IT

When people normally think of a disaster, they focus on the large events like fires, floods and earthquakes. The reality is that theft or misplaced equipment can be just as disastrous, because your business still suffers a massive data loss – and these unfortunate events are more frequent than the natural disasters. Compubits can give your company the protection it needs from all manner of incidents.

Be prepared for anything. We are able to back up all your systems, and have an off-site backup ready right away. We can also assist your company with disaster recovery planning, data backup and recovery, remote off-site storage, virtualisation of failed servers, and anything else related to backups.

Have you considered Disaster Recovery as a cloud service?

We provide a reliable cost-effective Disaster Recovery (DR) solution that enables businesses of all sizes to safeguard their future with a highly efficient cloud-based DR service.

How can Compubits help?

We help businesses to protect their day-to-day operations from downtime and loss of data by introducing Disaster Recovery ‘as a Service’ (or DRaaS).

We also provide consultancy and implementation services to organisations that wish to replace their outdated DR and replication solutions with a cloud-based service.

 How does it work?

With Disaster Recovery as a Service, we will get your entire network back up and running quickly and efficiently.

Your physical IT systems are virtualised and replicated in a secure cloud environment. This includes your applications, email, data and your network configuration.

This virtual network can be quickly activated and restored in the event of a disaster. Data and applications can also be restored at any time from the cloud to a location of your choice.

Is it easy to setup and maintain?

No ongoing internal training is required to use Disaster Recovery as a Service.

The physical deployment and ongoing maintenance associated with a traditional Disaster Recovery service is replaced with a simple and secure, automated backup and recovery process.

A cost-effective Disaster Recovery Solution.

Disaster Recovery as a Service is a low-cost alternative to a traditional hardware-based Disaster Recovery solution.

Cost of ownership is reduced, and with our flexible subscription options, you only pay for what you need.

We undertake the continuous backup of your data.

  • We install an industry approved data backup software
  • We configure the software settings according to your requirements
  • We define with your confidentiality standards ???
  • We continuously check the backup process

It used to be that online backups services were prohibitively expensive and the  reserve of larger companies only. Not when using Compubits, as our cloud-based backup service is fully automated, completely secure and provides a robust off-site backup at a highly competitive cost.

With our cloud backup and recovery solution installed, you can sleep soundly knowing that your data is stored off-site securely so, come what may you have the confidence to know that in the event of a disaster your company can be back up and running quickly.