Remote Working

Flexible cloud solutions to enhance your work

Remote working, whether from home, an alternative office or out in the field has many benefits for both the business and employee:

  • less distractions, higher productivity
  • attain and retain a wider pool of skilled staff (part time working, home working, flexible working)
  • support a work/life balance for a healthy more effective workforce

For successful remote working, technology needs to focus on facilitating great communication and collaboration, and anytime/anywhere access to data and systems in a secure way.

Our team find and test the right solutions on the market for your business, looking at functionality, best fit with your needs and potential limitations to growth to help save you time and make your business more productive.

We provide the following solutions to benefit remote workers:
  • Access to office based applications such as an accounting application.
  • Remote worker access to shared files like Microsoft Excel or Word Documents (Office 365)
  • Branch office access to servers and shared data
  • Mobile and remote work access to head office email (Office 365)
  • Hosted solutions and synchronising of files between branch office and home workers
  • Cloud based integrated telephone systems

Are you looking for a Mobile Device Management Solution?

We’ll help you to face the challenge of managing mobile devices in the workplace by introducing a solution that gives you full control over every mobile device on your network, including Smartphones, Laptops and Tablets.

Why introduce Mobile Device Management?

More professionals are choosing to ditch desktop computers in favour of mobile devices. This decision presents both a technical and logistical challenge to those who are tasked with enforcing data security and ensuring that mobile devices can be used as a productive business tool.

Our MDM solution incorporates all of the below features. It allows you to configure, secure and maintain all mobile devices on your company network from a user-friendly web-based dashboard.

Device Management.
  • Terms of use templates.
  • Device enrollment (deployment).
  • Profile administration including user permissions, policies and security restrictions.
  • Messaging and commands (including find device, send message, device wipe etc.).
  • Event logging and reporting.
Email Management.
  • Email platform integration (including Office 365, Google Apps and Exchange).
  • Email proxy (an additional layer of security).
  • Enforcing email account control policies (password authentication, AES 256 bit encryption.
  • Data loss prevention (Realised through intelligent inhibiting).
Security Management.
  • User account management/feature restrictions.
  • Enrollment restrictions by device or platform.
  • Pre-enrollment multi-factor authentication.
  • Lock and wipe.
  • Network access control.
  • Application backlists and whitelists.
  • 256-bit SSL content encryption.
  • Scheduled access.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

  • Compatible with all recognised platforms (Android, iOS, Windows).
  • Authentication prompted Resource access.
  • Custom privacy policies (segregating business and personal data).
  • Departure Management (key content is removed upon departure).
Do you require a fully managed service?

We also provide a fully managed remote mobile device management solution. This is a fully scalable service that is priced ‘per-device’.

Would you like to enable your employees to work remotely?

We help businesses to embrace distance working by providing them with a secure reliable remote working solution.  We offer affordable cloud-based desktop and communications solutions, which allow your staff to work untethered without you losing control and direction.

Remote working solutions.

We’ve helped many new and existing clients to facilitate effective remote working solutions. We provide strategic guidance and expert advice in addition to technology deployment and ongoing 24/7 technical support.

Many clients have distance workers that fall under more or more of the following categories:

  • Temporary home workers
  • Staff that work from permanent home offices
  • UK satellite offices
  • Offices located overseas in different time zones
  • External sales professionals

7 great reasons to embrace home working.

The financial and commercial benefits of extending your IT infrastructure beyond the boundaries of the office are clear for businesses to see.

VoIP – mobile communication 

But what is VoIP?

Well simply put VoIP is a cost effective system that allows you to makes and receives phone calls like a regular phone but over the internet.

  • It has amazing flexibility without the necessity for expensive and cumbersome kit of a traditional phone system.
  • Is fully scalable, so you only pay for what you need when you need it.
  • And is packed full of functions that can help you improve how you work.
 The Power of VoIP

With the power to take calls from anywhere as if you are at your desk or have agents all over the country seamlessly working together as if they were all in one office and lots more. VoIP really opens up a whole new world of opportunities for the savvy businesses owner.

 Real Business Benefits

VoIP is a highly flexible system that adds real benefit to your business.

  • Never miss a call  – Take your phone system with you, as long as you have access to internet, you can use your VoIP system from anywhere.
  • Become a national business – With virtual phone numbers you can have any available area code so you can give businesses across the country numbers that are local to them.
Reduce your costs

By using VoIP you can significantly reduce your costs.

  • VoIP has Low Operating costs
  • No expensive-to-maintain phone infrastructure
  • It removes the need for separate networks for phones and data (really?? – the network should ideally be separate)
  • The costs for employee moves and changes are eliminated.
  • Great Call rates on national and international calls
  • You have the option to retain your number if you relocate your business to a different part of the country or indeed anywhere in the world

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