Enterprise Anti Virus

The destructive power of viruses

Viruses, trojan horses, ransomware or worms are dangerous and can affect the entire infrastructure of your company by bringing it to a halt or spying on sensitive data which then becomes accessible to criminals.

We provide the professional removal of viruses and trojans.

  • We review all company computers for viruses, trojans, worms malware, ransomware and spyware
  • We remove any malicious software without leaving any residue on your systems
  • We recommend a professional antivirus protection and provide comprehensive advice

Advanced security against digital threats

Your security starting point is Antivirus (AV) protection! A quality AV package will prevent, detect, block and remove viruses and other malicious software.

With an ever increasing amount of viruses on the internet, businesses are always firefighting to prevent damage to their systems.  By partnering with the best antivirus companies we can help to reduce the risk of an infection on your network.

New viruses are appearing almost every day and if your software is not kept up-to-date you are at risk of corrupt data and possible systems downtime.

Talk to us about our advanced solutions which include stand-alone packages or comprehensive security with managed services.  We can ensure round-the-clock protection that is up-to-date and worry-free.

Why Choose a Managed Antivirus?

  • Our managed antivirus solutions ensure round-the-clock protection by automatically and consistently scanning your computer and network.  Our service will issue alerts and block attacks to prevent their ability to disable your computing
  • With a centrally managed service, virus control is removed from the end-user to reduce the stress of maintaining updates and constant scanning, and thus ensures greater security for your business
  • Any issues can be dealt with promptly behind the scenes often without disrupting the end-user and therefore minimising ‘downtime’
  • The end-user cannot inadvertently disable the software leaving the system vulnerable
  • Internet security is centralised and up-dates applied automatically for optimum protection

In addition, you benefit from the expertise of our managed services team proactively looking at your service and ensuring everything is running smoothly.

The professional virus removal service from Compubits

Compubits technicians analyse your entire company infrastructure with professional software to check if any of your computers or servers are infected. Then we remove all malicious software without leaving any residue on your systems.