Networks and Cabling

Quality cabling and networks for speed, resilience and manageability

A well-designed network and cabling architecture is crucial for an efficient organisation.

The infrastructure should be considered as the foundation for your network and, if strong enough, will provide you with a business asset that can grow and adapt quickly and easily to keep up with your organisation’s changes.

With the optimum design, you can minimise bottlenecks and maximise data throughput, enabling your users to be more productive during their time at work.  We can help you eliminate concerns from your users regarding speed and reliability.

We unclutter IT

Without proper care and planning, the infrastructure at your school or office can quickly become a labyrinth of cables, wires and other equipment. The result is a cluttered environment that can be distracting or even dangerous. Let the engineers at Compubits take care of all your infrastructure issues. We can provide infrastructure solutions that will remove the mess and give you a more reliable network overall.

Trying to figure out the technology infrastructure at your premises can lead to problems if you don’t know how everything works. We’ll help find structured solutions for your computers and your phone system, as well as professionally planned, installed and tested wiring.

The expert Infrastructure technicians at Compubits can help with:

  • Structured network cabling
  • Voice and data network installation
  • Data rack and patch panel installation and termination
  • VoIP and business phone systems

If you have faulty cable points or any other infrastructure troubles, Compubits has the answers you are looking for. Let us show you how we can help clean up your issues once and for all.

Our Cabling Team

Our expert cabling team can install a complete network, extend, or upgrade your existing network. We provide a complete service of consultation, design, installation and maintenance, providing top-class service to ensure an efficient infrastructure.